Java Image Editor - QuickTime Plugin

The QuickTime plugin allows the Java Image Editor to read QuickTime movies and other image formats supported by QuickTime. When you open a movie, you'll see a dialog like this:

Simply use the movie controller to select the movie frame you want to load and then press OK.

In order to use this plugin, you must have QuickTime for Java installed. This is part of QuickTime 4. If you already have QuickTime 4, just use the QuickTime Updater application to install QuickTime for Java (using the Custom installation option). Macintosh users need do nothing further. Windows user will have to place the file "" into the CLASSPATH.

After downloading, place the file "quicktime.jar" into the image editor plugins folder and run the image editor.

Warning: There are a few, shall we say, "issues" with QuickTime for Java and I will not be responsible for any crashes you may experience. Having said that, I've had very few problems.

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