Last modified on 28 Nov 1999.

Applet JuggleMaster Java  ver 1.03

Japanese Version/English Version

There is an applet used here, so see this page with
Netscape Communicator 4.x, 
Internet Explorer 4.x, 
or Appletviewer (JDK 1.1.x ).
NOT available with 3.x or older browser, nor Mosaic.

JuggleMaster Java Distribution License

Thank you for downloading JuggleMaster java. Read 'JuggleMaster Java Distribution License' carefully. By downloading the software, you agree to the terms and conditions of the license. In the case of disagreement, dipose of the bundle of which the definition is given below.

In short hand, "You can just change this html file to make it suit your purpose, and put on your site, but remember to show the copyrights. Good day." Thank you.
RAQ (a Rarely Asked Question)

Q: What are those whole bunch of ***.java files?
A: If you have got no ideas what they are, you can just throw them away.

How to use JuggleMaster Java (now more helpful thanks to Mr. Isaac Orr)

You should have two applet windows open - one is the control panel window and the other is the view window, where the actual juggling patterns are displayed. All user interface is done through the control panel - the view window is for viewing only. Please note that you can not close these windows by pressing on the [x] at the top right corner of the window; They belong to an applet and therefore will close only when you exit the applet by selecting 'quit' from the control panel menu.

Using the program to render one of the pre-programmed patterns is fairly straightforward - simply scroll down to that pattern and double click it. The pattern will start playing in the view window, while you may alter its parameters using the control panel - setting the desired speed, height etc. (you can get a "GloBall" effect by eliminating the siteswap text and the juggler's body). Note that your control panel changes are applied only when you press the 'Juggle' button.
If you find Jmj is too exhaustive for your computer, reduce the value of 'smoothness'.

In addition to selecting predefined patterns from the list you may also insert and view siteswaps of your own fancy (so long as they constitute legal patterns). Select 'try a new siteswap' from the 'option' menu and type in your siteswap of choice. Here are a few guidelines:

Of 'Pattern File'

JuggleMaster itself does not contain informations of patterns. It reads 'pattern file' for the source of tricks.

You must have received two pattern files, and, and the former is loaded automatically when JuggleMaster starts.
* The latter is written in Japanese. If you get interested, try it.

These two come from the original DOS version of JuggleMaster, which are the great pieces of work by Ken Matsuoka.

The versions included here also contain many, many extra tricks (of great fun!) given by Isaac Orr and his fellows.

You can load other pattern files by choosing 'load a pattern file' from the pulldown menu 'option'. It will lose the memory of former patterns, except arm motion styles.

Syntax of Pattern File

Read and you'll see. It is just a normal text file.
A few changes for Java version will only be given here.

The exact syntax of the style was written in siteswap.txt , which is not included in the Java version, and is written in Japanese...

But don't worry, I only am escaped to tell thee.

This way of 'style' definition is proper to JuggleMaster, and not universal like the siteswap notation.

<APPLET> tag syntax

Of, if you prefer somewhat fancier page using (that notorious) Java Script, see js_impl_en.html

About JuggleMaster

Let Me Say

Let me, ASANUMA, say JuggleMaster is superb. I hope you'd soon follow me.
*  *  *
I'm really privileged to have such an opportunity to provide you JuggleMaster in such a way,
and this Java port is my 'thanks a lot' to JuggleMaster.
* * *
We don't have any intention to continue the development of JuggleMaster Java any more. * * *
I dedicate JuggleMaster Java for you who love juggling.
Thanks to those who taught me how amusing juggling is.
Last, but not least, great thanks to Ken Matsuoka, who invented JuggleMaster, and permitted to include some precious files in the JuggleMaster Java package.