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Jerry's Palm Pilot Stuff

Here's a couple of programs I've written for the Palm Pilot. They're simple things, but I hope you find them useful.

No-Frills Dice

This is the first program I wrote for the Palm and I treated it a learning exercise. I was on holiday with my four year old son and we needed some dice for a game in a magazine. We ended up using the dice in a Palm game I had, but it wasn't very satisfactory, so I wrote this. It's as basic as you can get: you can have one to nine dice. Every time you press the stylus anywhere you get a new throw. The dice change colour with each throw so you can tell they've been thrown if you happen to throw the same numbers twice.

Download dice.prc


Chinese Flashcards

This is a very simple Chinese character flashcard application. It is in its very first incarnation at the moment and so it's very basic - I intend to add many more features when I get the time.

The database has 1000 common characters with definitions taken from the CEDICT Chinese-English dictionary project. To run it you need a Chinese OS for the Palm using smplifed characters in the GB2312 encoding. Suitable ones are EVStar, DragonPen and Chinese OS. You need to install both the application and the flashDB database on you Palm.

Download Flashcards1-0.zip

For those of you who want to live dangerously, Flashcards 1.1 has the ability to create your own flashcards. Just invoke the "New Card" menu tiem and type in your card. You don't need to install the card database for this version - it'll create a blank database on startup.

Download Flashcards1-1.zip

For those of you who need a Simplified Chinese-English dictionary on your Palm, I have converted the GB2312 version of CEDICT into KDIC format. Just install KDIC and this database:

Download cedict.pdb




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